Where Are You Hiding? Expose Your Individuality Now!

Our persona is our mask (literal translation) of our self that we portray to others in the world around us.

photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels

This is not our true self, unless one has spent an inordinate amount of time clarifying true self and extricating the social conditioning from it. Even then, we find that it is not appropriate in society to present our true self in our daily interactions and dealings with other people; their consciousness simply isn’t ready to deal with a true-self non-personified person. But this is generally okay, because someone interacting with the world in their true-self state generally flows amongst people unnoticed without a desire to influence them in any way.

Once we need to interact though, we immediately apply a persona to ourself in order to act in alignment with social requirements. Even simply purchasing a sandwich requires us to switch into a consumerist persona in which we play the short game of the purchasing interaction.

True-selves can switch in and out of these personas at will as they interact with society around them. True-selves have a variety of personas to call on, each one chosen consciously in order to experience the most efficient interaction with other personas in the physical world around us.

On the flip side we have a multitude of ego-centric characters who are fully imbibed in their social self-image and carry it from one situation to the next. These are unenlightened souls, and multiple personas in this level of unconsciousness is seen as mentally unstable, as having a multiple-personality disorder.

And yet society proclaims these ‘great characters’ as something to aspire to, to look up to, to emulate. While in fact the complete opposite is necessary in order to improve an individual’s state of higher consciousness, to raise our energetic levels towards enlightenment. It is the very essence of enlightenment to denounce these persona masks and gain the flititudinal capabilities of multiple personas as we move through our day.

It is effective mastery of this persona masking that gives the heightened consciousness the capability to step out of ‘reality’ and begin to form a sense of the true-self, to begin to experience life in its wonderment of experiential development.




Manifesting Reality from Personal Dreams ~ Life Coaching, Consulting & Counselling delving deep into the Meaning Of Life and Self Actualisation.

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David Harper

David Harper

Manifesting Reality from Personal Dreams ~ Life Coaching, Consulting & Counselling delving deep into the Meaning Of Life and Self Actualisation.

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